SlickDeals Forums: A Haven For Coupon-Lovers

If you want to save on your daily expenses, one of the things that you can make use of is coupons. These coupons are one of the most common promotional items that companies use in order to entice buyers to get their product, There are a lot of companies that offer such, and there can be a wide array of means through which one can use coupons. They can help to lower the price of a product through giving of discounts, or giving away of free products. The forum section of offers a more specialized means of looking through these coupons. Let’s have more detailed look below.

Hot Deals

The hot deals section is meant for those who want to get coupons for a specific group of items, such as free after rebate. Deals of companies and brands can also be posted here, and spamming and self-promotions will not be allowed.


If you’re looking to save on products by getting actual free ones, then this page is for you. You are able to get as well as post freebies and samples for products that are priced at $10 or cheaper.

Contests and Sweepstakes

To those who want to test their luck or feel lucky, then you can see for yourself if fate is in your favour through this part of the site. Unlike coupons, contests and sweepstakes are more less-direct methods of getting people to be a fan of your product.

Travel Deals and Discussions

This part of SlickDeals forums allows you to scan through travel packages, as well as discounts and promos for various aspects of travel, like rentals, hotels, airfare, concerts, sporting events, and attractions to make sure that you don’t end up spending too much just so that you can have your dream vacation!