Have You Tried Playing Sports Yet?

Sports are one best ways to keep fit. The art of fishing is also considered a leisure sport. You can choose to bow fish from small boats or in shallow waters. Fishing can be done anytime and anywhere. Whether it be the wee hours of the morning or the scorching afternoon heat or even a calm night on the banks of a river, you can always have a good time fishing. All you need is a bow, a few arrows and a reliable reel and you are also set to go fishing. You can also opt for the best tips on qiuqiu.

Where To Bow Fish?

You can bow fish in rivers, lakes, or ponds. If you are feeling a bit lucky, then you can head to estuaries, bays, or beaches as well. The best place to fish is shallow areas not more than three to four feet deep. There are two reasons for fishing in shallow waters. First, the fish that can be hunted by fishing tend to swim in shallow waters. Secondly, water causes the arrow to slow down. The lesser water arrows have to travel, the faster it will reach the target.

What Can You Catch?

Fishing is usually meant for catching rough fish. These aren’t the prized fishes that anglers crave for. Instead, these are the fish that would be at the bottom of the food chain and they don’t demand a high price in the market. However, these are tasty fish and some of them are considered delicacies in many parts of the world. Some of the fish that you can catch while fishing in freshwater are eels, carps, perch, suckers, gars, and catfish. While fishing in saltwater, you can catch sharks, dogfish, and stingrays. If you have sharp enough arrows, you can even catch alligators by fishing.