Online Tutoring As A Career Option For Tutors

There are numerous advantages of online tutoring. For starters, you will need to become proficient in Windows and learn how to take screenshot windows 10 has. This will allow you to record your classes with ease. Some of the prominent advantages are as follows:

  • Online tutoring allows the teacher and student to connect their sessions from anywhere. The hindrance of place is removed in online tutoring. The tutor can teach even from the comfort of the home.
  • Allows tutors to take care of family along with earning for the family. This provides tutors with a lot of flexibility to manage work and household at the same time.

  • Online tutoring can be taken up either on part time or on full time basis. Tutor can select the time he/she can be available and thus provide his/her services accordingly.
  • The demand for online tutors is increasing largely in India and other countries. This means more and more people must confidently take up their career as online tutors.
  • Online tutors are paid handsomely for their services. This is because they are paid on hourly basis. The pay is starts from $40 to $100 per hour. This makes it an amazing source of income after working from home.
  •  As per studies, a sharp rise in the online tutoring section is visible from the end of federal funding, adding more glory to this profession.

What is the eligibility for pursuing career in online tutoring?

As per the traditional norms, professor in a school or college is required to complete B.Ed., M.Ed., Tet, Ph.D., NET and many more. Along with these qualifications, first-hand experience is also a requirement.

However, for online tutoring the eligibility is as follows:

  • A Master’ degree and fluency with the subject.
  • Knowledge of computer applications and MS office
  • Passion for teaching.
  • Great communication skills.
  • Updated with changes in global curriculum.