Average Moving Costs in the US

In the US alone an average of thirty five million people move each year so if you’ve experienced moving at this scale, whether it’s across town or a different country and even when it’s just a block away, it’s a stressful ordeal. Imagine the bulk of items that has to be cleaned, prepared, boxed, loaded, travelled, unloaded and unboxed; it’s not the most enjoyable activity in the world. Of course people who are moving can do this on their own, average moving costs could reach a hefty price, but when everything is taken into account you’ll see that hiring professional movers is more practical.

How Much do Movers Typically Cost?

According to surveys, professional moving services cost anywhere between $458 up to $1,261 and the average moving costs per hour is $25 up to $50. A local move for four bedroom homes is available at prices ranging from a minimum of $800 up to $2,000. Meanwhile, the average moving costs for moving across the country or outside the state is $1,000 each room; it costs 50 cents a pound. Moving a whole home will cost $150,000 in the least and could reach prices of $200,000 or more; per square feet costs $12 to $16.

Numerous factors are considered when computing the price of the entire move but do take note that interstate moves costs more. Also, timing is a big factor because if you end up booking professional movers during busy seasons then expect prices to go up. Apart from the overall costs, it would be a good idea to be familiar with how the moving process goes. Keep in mind that every moving company will have their own estimation and prices, take the time to ask around and compare services, packages and prices; don’t fall victim to moving scams.